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After our last Skype session I went into a deep meditation and finally fell into a sleep that was much needed. Some words that you said to me kept repeating through my mind like a mantra. Now I automatically repeat them to myself when I feel overwhelmed: 'The spirit flows through me and guides me.'

Xana R, Portugal (Jan 2020)

I have had the wonderful opportunity of several "tap and breathe" sessions with Lynn that helped me through very difficult times of depression and anxiety. The online sessions were very powerful and I felt totally held by Lynn's reassuring, compassionate and very solid presence. I experienced real shifts in my being and thinking. For which I am grateful.

I am actually amazed at the power of the online sessions given we are thousands of miles apart. I think we are being given an opportunity now to be in the familiar territory of our own homes, to receive healing and move through anxieties, fear and grief, which are prevalent, as well as old patterns that no longer serve us.

Kate V, UK (May 2020)

Lynn is a true channel of healing spirit.

When I have a life situation, my “goto” therapist is Lynn. I’ve worked with her for many years and it never fails to get to get to the root of what is bothering me.

With unique breathing techniques and tender touch Lynn guides me to see more clearly the blockages and the thought patterns that cause unwanted tensions in my life.

My sessions with her are inspirational and self revealing. I always feel renewed and energized. Lynn is a true channel of the healing Spirit.

Tanya F, Florida USA

Sessions with Lynn are truly magical. She helps relieve stress/worry to allow healing to flow through my body. After I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis I immediately started seeing her.

I noticed a complete shift in my mindset thanks to our work together.

This positive shift has allowed my body to relax and heal. She’s a therapist and spiritual healer all in one! She is a beautiful light in this world and if healing is what you seek I would highly recommend Lynn.

Ashleigh H, Florida USA

My fiancé introduced me to Lynn and I immediately felt connected. Sessions with her really helped open my mind and heart to healing. Lynn has helped me conquer many of my fears and negative thoughts. She has taught me tactics such as EFT that I have been able to apply in my daily life. She is kind, loving and dedicated to serving others. I am so thankful for the work she does with my fiancé and I. She is a gift from God.

Louis T, USA

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