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Breathe the Goddess

Every man and woman holds the potential of feminine energies and divine attributes of the Goddess.

These attributes are creative, intuition, assertive, nurturing and empowering.

This is the time to awaken these energies. We already have an abundance of the building, logical and technical masculine energy that has its place within and without. Our planet and our lives are calling for balance and co-operation with the natural forces that can be awakened within.


For 6 weeks we will immerse ourselves in the attributes of the Goddess and receive them fully through the power of breath.  We will have the opportunity to:

  •   Experience the transforming power of Pele
  •   Open to the compassionate Heart and gentle strength of Kuan Yin
  •   Connect with the natural world and the healing power of Brigit
  •   Align with the inner wisdom and creativity of Saraswati
  •   Embrace the many aspects of abundance and blessings of Lakshmi
  •   Embody the courage and discerning power of Durga


You may attend 6 week series for all or single sessions.


The sessions will be offered via Zoom.







Upcoming Events​

6 Weekly 


     Breathe the Goddess

Online Zoom series w/

        Lynn Veitch

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