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Like many of us, I have been on a journey of self-discovery since an early age. Some of the journey has been conscious and some unconscious. The experience has been sometimes challenging and sometimes joyful, but all of it has been a part of the unfolding of where I stand now. Once I began to recognize that outer power, success and material gain, while valuable, were fleeting and did not guarantee peace, I ventured inward to find answers. Along the way I have discovered many tools and had many transformative encounters that have assisted me in the calling of my heart.

I have been fortunate to have had extensive training with masters in the pioneering healing arts including Intuitive Craniosacral work, Rebirthing, Dynamic Breath, Energy Psychology, and the mind/body modality of Bioenergetics.

As a doula I have had the honor of assisting during many pregnancies and births as an emotional and spiritual support

My 30 years of practice in Eastern Philosophy and meditation serve as the foundation for my inner perspective and my approach to life and service. Currently I volunteer in prisons facilitating meditation programs for men and women.

From this life experience I have developed a process I call Focused Breath which includes many of the modalities listed and has evolved through my own process of working with clients.

My passion is holding a space for a person's inner journey and celebrating with them when they open to a place of inner peace and a greater sense of Self. For truly that is my own journey too.

Love and Light,


I currently offer individual sessions, groups and classes online via Skype and Zoom. Please see the Contact page for further information.

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