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The Breath Enlivens Us, Sustains Us, and

- With Awareness - Connects Us to Our Essence

Focused Breathing facilitates an inner connection that raises our energetic vibration and enhances our sense of presence and aliveness. Through awareness and conscious breathing we are able to identify and transform energy blocks, complete the cycle of unresolved feelings, and open to a greater sense of self worth. As we relax and gradually let go of our thinking mind the breath can take us to the many dimensions of ourselves.

There is an inner longing of the heart that calls us to connect with the creative flow of life. That place inside of us is allowing, fearless, and opens us up to our experience rather than resisting what comes our way. From this place we can face challenges more confidently and let go of that which hinders us. Then we are free to engage in life from a place of inner connection.

The practice of conscious breathing, heart based dialog, and alignment and balance of the energy systems of our body, mind and spirit opens us to:

  • Connection with the creative flow of life
  • Developing trust in our inner wisdom and intuition
  • Honoring our own sacredness
  • Engagement with the light of awareness in our own heart.


We are in a constant state of birthing into our full potential. For this to occur we have to know when and what to let go of and what to maintain is valuable and in alignment with our purpose.When we come into this world there is a natural movement that allows us to let go of the womb and move on to the next stage. As we mature it becomes more challenging to discern that natural urge and we can stay stuck in limiting tendencies for too long .With awareness and courage and surrender we can attune to the rhythm and cycles of our life and flow with the momentum.

It's all about letting go!

In the words of Erich Fromm:

"Every act of birth requires the courage

 To let go of something, to let go of the breath,

  To let go of the lap, to let go of the hand,

   To let go eventually of all certainties,

    To rely on one's own power to be aware

      and to respond to that with one's creativity.

     To be creative is to consider the process of life

       as a process of birth

        and not to take any stage as the final stage."

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