Focused Breathwork - Opening to it is the only way through it ... Breathe!

The Breath is a Portal, a Gateway to the Realms of Consciousness Within

The dynamics of Focused Breathwork consist of
  1.  The Breath as a Vehicle for Transformation
  2.  Heart-Based Dialogue
  3.  Energy Psychology
1. The Breath as a Vehicle for Transformation
In times of stress we have a tendency to either breathe high and fast into our upper chest -- or hold our breath.  When this becomes habitual our energy becomes restricted and affects every area of our lives. The stress response of fight-or-flight keeps us stuck in a fragmented and contracted mode with little room for air or movement. We mistakenly have the illusion that we are "in control."
Rather than being empowered we resist life's experiences through various energetic holding patterns. These manifest like invisible suits of armor that cause us to hold on, hold in, hold back, and hold together. Afraid to let go we feel these holding patterns keep us safe and somehow earn us the love and approval we crave.
Through conscious connected breathing and focused awareness we can identify these patterns, complete the energy cycles and release what no longer serves us. Then we can move into a place of empowerment, free to expand and express love. .
2. Heart-Based Dialogue
In heart-based dialog our guidance comes from a deep level of inner awareness. This guidance can reveal itself in the forms of insight, vision, somatic experience, revelation and messages from nature. Its important we pay attention to the insights we are given.
Connecting with this inner guidance requires that we simply be present to our own experience. When we are open to the moment, we do not give our power to the endless chatter of the mind. We do not let ourselves be distracted by what happened to us in the past or by our projections of what may happen in the future. Beyond all that we learn to honor the voice of wisdom in our heart that guides us intuitively to the next step on our journey.
3. Energy Psychology
Energy Psychology addresses the relationship of energy systems of the mind, body and emotions. It is highly effective in releasing the charge behind events and fears. It contributes to serenity, health and well-being. and addresses habits, phobias, traumas and attitudes.
It consists of:
  • Clearing energy pathways, the meridians, and anchoring new direction (EFT - emotional freedom technique)
  • Balancing the chakras, the energy centers of the body
  • Engaging with the subtle form of energy that permeates the body
Preparing for your session
The first step in Focused Breathwork is to form a clear intention.
After forming a clear intention, the best way to approach a Focused Breathwork session is to drop expectations of results. This allows us to be open to the experience of the moment. Shifts and changes can then take place in a natural and authentic way.
There will be time spent at the beginning of each session to help clarify your intention.
Each Focused Breathwork session lasts about one and a half hours.
You will have time to review your experience of the session through discussion or journaling.
You will leave with follow-up suggestions to integrate and enhance your experience.
To optimize your experience five to ten sessions are suggested.
Lynn is available for

   Individual tap and breathe sessions
   Group sessions
   Skype sessions
   Fee per session:  $85

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